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Body Piercing

About Richard

Richard was trained in Body piercing by The London Piercing Academy. The United Kingdom.

He is proficient in UK Health and Safety Laws and regulations on pathogens, allergens, prevention of cross-contamination, the cause, and prevention of infections. Certified in Piercing hygiene best practice as one of the highest in class 2017 and Licenced by the Brighton and Hove City Council. Richard has recently joined the Gilded Cage team working as the reception manager and body piercing specialist.

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Please be aware that age restrictions apply to some piercings. These restrictions are governed by the local council authority for licensing and can vary across the country.

We will allow ear piercing for anyone aged 14 years upwards with Parental or legal guardian Consent. The Legal Guardian will need to provide evidence of relation to the minor.

Body piercings for Ages 16yrs and above can be pierced with parental/ Legal guardians consent I.D will need to be provided by both parent/Guardian and teen. This excludes any surface piercings and intimates.

Dermal implants, Surface piercing, and intimates are strictly 18 years only and I.D will be required if you appear to look under 21years of age.

Forms of I.D that we accept are Valid Citizens card with PASS logo for 16yrs, Provisional or full Driving license, Valid UK/EU Passport.

All needles are single-use, disposable and pre-sealed until use. We will open these in front of you during your procedure. All needles and biological waste is disposed of in accordance with Government Clinical waste guidelines and regulations set out by UK health and safety.



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