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Body Piercing

Our Body Piercing and dermal implant service is here!

About Richard

Richard was trained in safe body piercing best practice, UK government health and safety standards and procedures; including regulations on pathogens, allergens, prevention of cross-contamination; the cause and prevention of infections by The London Piercing Academy. Certified in Piercing hygiene best practice as one of the highest in class 2017 and Licenced by the Brighton and Hove City Council. Richard has recently joined the Gilded Cage team working as the reception manager and body piercing specialist.

We are serious about product quality and pierce with surgical grade titanium.

We only use a surgical standard cannula needle to pierce with.

Earlobe (Single)

Earlobe (Pair)





Reverse helix

Tragus and Anti-tragus

Industrial scaffold




Eyebrow/ Anti-eyebrow


Lip Piercings (varied)

Tongue / inner mouth (various)

Nipples (male and female)

Belly button


Dermal implants (various locations)

Jewellery change

Free Consultation

Aftercare advice and support

For enquiries about this service watch this space or email us at

Please be aware that age restrictions apply to some piercings. These restrictions are governed by the local council authority for licencing and can vary across the country. All needles are sealed until use and are disposed of according to Government Clinical waste guidelines and regulations set out by UK health and safety.