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Guest Artist

Guest Artists, their available dates, and any other news

Michele Leoni

He will be available to tattoo from August 13th to 18th. To book a space with him, just email or call the studio to arrange an appointment. To check out more of his work, follow his Instagram link:

Remo (regular guest artist)

Remo is one of our regularly returning guest artists. He specializes in black and grey realism and abstract dot work.

Tattooing with us on:

25th September to 19th (fully booked)

23rd October to the 27th (fully booked)

20th November to 24th (spaces available)

Vicky Morgan

Vicky has been to the Gilded Cage on a few occasions, she has a fun fresh style and specializes in all things Disney!

Booking dates

26-28th May  (date has gone now)

check our her Instagram:



Davide Trifoni

Will be working in our studio on the

2nd and 3rd March 2018. (date has gone now)

This London based artist has a great fresh style and has some great designs available.

Check out his Instagram for more examples of his amazing work at

Below are 3 examples of previous work he has done: